Feeding Rotorua Charitable Trust

Kia ora from Percy and Louisa.
We've had a heart for people as long as we can remember

  • 2020    Covid-19 Lockdown.
    Jump to feeding 150 per night.
    Rotorua District Council stepped up to help financially which was awesome. Meant we needed to be more organised.. hence this website and registering as a charity. Also received much appreciated funding from RECT, Bay Trust and MSD + a number of individual supporters. So thankful.

  • 2019    Said our prayers and carried on

  • 2018    C3 church came on board helping out with one meal per week. What a blessing

  • 2017    Feeding 25-50 people per night.   Maori TV film crew   came to visit. 

  • 2016    Said our prayers and got started Feeding Rotorua's displaced people



Percy Poharama - Chairman   0212930941
Aroha Clements -  Secretary   0272494986
Ian Barker  -   Treasurer         0272639649
Louisa Poharama - Trustee     0211741494
Campbell Harrison  -  Trustee       0277150369
Jane Jennings  -  Trustee      021313384

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